"The roots don't depend on the tree. The tree depends on the roots." / "As raizes não dependem da árvore. A árvore depende da raíz."

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sawubona Capoeira Africana! Thank you for reading. Please stay tuned as we will be updating the site regularly providing exclusive interviews and insights from the African capoeira world. We are pulling resources together to bring you video footage of interesting research, people, places and events as well. But as you know, "Umuntu ngumuntu nagabantu". So we need your help too! Send us your thoughts, your pics, your references, etc. so we can make this an efficient communal hub of information and resources to access capoeira in the African world. We can't do it without you! But it must be done. Isandla sigez' esinye.

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